İnci Erhan, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Vice Chair

İnci Erhan

Contact Information

Office:FEF 409
Home Department:Department of Mathematics
Detailed CV

Academic Degrees

PhD of Philosophy Applied Mathematics Middle East Technical University 2003
Master's of Science Applied Mathematics Marmara University 1996
Bachelor's of Science Mathematics Marmara University 1994

Academic Titles

Assoc. Prof. Atılım University May 2013
Asst. Prof. March 2010

Research Topics

Fixed Point Theory, Numerical Analaysis, Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations



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International Conference Proceedings

Erhan İ. (2005), An Expansion Method for Schrödinger Equation of Quantum Billiards with Arbitrary Shapes, Proceedings of World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology , 5, pp.176-179