Graduate Program

The Master of Science Program in Mathematics is intended to be an exploration in some depth of a particular area of Mathematics as well as an extension/completion at a higher level of education of the knowledge achieved in the undergraduate studies. It is of course the first step towards the doctorate in Mathematics. The current research interests of the faculty members of the Mathematics Department of the Atılım University focus mainly on algebra, number theory, analysis, geometry and topology, differential and difference equations, numerical analysis, probability and statistics and cryptology.


Application and Admission
TCheck the webpage of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.


Introduction and Objectives
The aim of the Master of Science Program in mathematics is to prepare the students to pursue mathematical studies to a greater depth than is possible at the undergraduate level, and to introduce them to some of the current mathematical research. The program also serves as a preparation for the students who are going to follow the PhD program. In addition, it provides grounding for employment in high-level education programs, high-tech industry, mathematically demanding governmental services and business.


Program Content
Master of Science program with thesis option contains 3 compulsory and 4 elective courses, while Master of Science program without thesis option 3 compulsory and 7 elective courses. Throughout the programs, a maximum number of two undergradute courses can be taken with the approval of the advisor. 

Master Program with Thesis (120 ECTS in total)
- 3 Compulsory Courses (15 ECTS)
- 4  Elective Courses (20 ECTS)
- 1 Seminar Course (5 ECTS)
- M.Sc. Thesis (80 ECTS)

(You can download the Atılım University thesis style files from here.)


Master Program without Thesis (90 ECTS in total)
- 3 Compulsory Courses (15 ECTS)
- 7 Elective Courses (35 ECTS)
- 1 Graduation Project (40 ECTS)


Degree Requirements
Check the webpage of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.