Dear prospective students

After a long and tiresome period, you are going to choose your career and the university where you are going to get the necessary education which will determine your future. It is your natural right to be well-informed about the education, academic staff and post graduate opportunities of the department which you are going to choose.

Our department has been accepting undergraduate students since 2000. Academic staff consists of 5 full professors, 8 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, 2 instructors and 4 research assistants. Atilim University, Department of Mathematics is one of the leading mathematics departments in Turkey both with respect to the number of publications in respected SCI journals and with respect to the quality of education.

The academic program has been prepared according to scientific and technological developments in the world and our graduates not only get B. Sc. Degree in Mathematics, but also can have Certificate in Mathematical Finance or Cryptography. In addition, by attending computer programming courses included in the curriculum, our graduates have the opportunity to work in Financial Institutions, Communication Institutions, Computer Industry,  Education Institutions, Banks and Insurance companies, Stock Market, Public planning departments, R&D departments of both public and private companies, Security companies and other institutions, departments and companies.

We believe that you will make the best decision regarding your future and wish you success in your future life.

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Mathematics Department