Mathematical Finance Certificate Programme


In recent years, there have been great developments in financial sectors due to the extensive changes in the global finance industry. One important factor in this expansion has been the introduction of advanced mathematical tools, such as, the Black-Scholes theory. Thus, there has been great demand to mathematicians by banks and investment companies.
This certificate program at Atılım University, Department of Mathematics includes mathematical finance, statistics, management and economics courses and it
is designed to train students to study in the field of mathematical finance and to prepare students for employment in general financial institutions. Also, the program will be a base for students who want to study under the graduate programs in this subject.

Mathematical Finance Certificate Program contains 11 courses and a summer practice. 4 of the courses of the program are the elective courses and 5 are the must courses of the mathematics department program. Other 2 courses of the certificate program are the courses given by Economics and Management departments. However, Math 316, the basic course of the certificate program, will not be considered as an elective course of the original program of the student and it will increase the course load of the program.

Requirements for application:
The student must

  1. Have at least 2.00 CGPA,
  2. Complete Math 135 ve Math 136 with the grade at least CC and
  3. Apply the Head of the Mathematics Department.

A student may apply the certificate program in the beginning of the third semester or later.

Students who complete the following courses and who has an average grade 2.00 or above from the courses Math 313, Math 316, Math 417 and Math 437, are eligible for “Mathematical Finance Certificate”.

Econ 211 Fundamentals of Economics (3-0)3
MGMT 314 Money and Banking (3-0) 3
Math 231* Linear Algebra I (4-0) 4
Math 235* Mathematical Analysis III (4-2) 5
Math 262* Ordinary Differential Equations (4-0) 4
Math 313 Introduction to Mathematical Finance (3-0) 3
Math 316 Mathematics of Financial Derivatives and Option Pricing (3-0) 3
Math 381* Numerical Analysis (3-2) 4
Math 392* Probability Theory and Statistics (4-0) 4
Math 417 Computational Methods of Mathematical Finance (2-2)3
Math 437 Basic Statistical Methods and Financial Applications (3-0) 3
Math 409 Summer Practice NC

* Must courses in Mathematics department program