Cryptography Certificate Programme


In todays world of communication, the role of information security is constantly increasing. Cryptography is essentially the theory or science dealing with securing information. It is an interdisciplinary research area interrelated with computer science and electronics engineering while it heavily depends on mathematics. As an example, specialists on number theory, algebra and finite fields are employed in various aspects of cryptographic research.

Under the mathematics department of Atılım University, a cryptography certificate program is being carried out with an emphasis on mathematical aspects of the area and is supported by related computer science courses. It is the purpose of the program to give students a background on the area. Students graduated may work on the public research institutions and the companies working on digital signatures which have emerged in the recent years in Turkey. Besides students may  wish to continue pursuing academic career on the field.

            Cryptography Certificate Program is formed by 12 courses, 6 of which are among the must courses, and the remaining 6 of them are elective courses for mathematics students. The only exception is that, the base course of the program, namely “Introduction to Cryptography”, Math 427 is not to be counted as an elective for the mathematics students and in case it is registered, the course load of the undergraduate program of the student will be increased by one course.

Requirements for application:

  • The student must have at least 2.00 CGPA,
  • complete Math 111 and MCS 116 with a grade at least CC,
  • apply the Head of the Mathematics Department.

Students may apply the certificate program in the beginning of their third semester or later.


Students who complete the following courses and who has an average grade 2.00 or above from the courses MCS 337, Math 326, Math 425 ve Math 427 are eligible for “Cryptography  Certificate”.

Math 112

Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics

(3-0) 3

Math 231

Linear Algebra I

(4-0) 4

Math 325

Elementary Number Theory

(3-0) 3

Math 326

Coding Theory

(3-0) 3

Math 331

Abstract Algebra

(4-0) 4

Math 332

Finite Fields

(3-0) 3

Math 425

Final Project

(2-0) 2

Math 427

Introduction to Cryptography

(3-0) 3

MCS 215

Int. To Object-Oriented Programming

(3-0) 3

MCS 301

Data Structures

(3-0) 3

MCS 337

Computer Algebra

(3-0) 3

MCS 401


(3-0) 3