Job Opportunities

Nowadays, Mathematics is accepted as the basis of high technology. The program of the department is constructed according to this principle and as a result of the qualified education, our graduates are highly privileged at recruitments.  


Graduates of the Department of Mathematics can be employed as:

  • Academic staff at Mathematics Departments or other departments at Universities,
  • Data Processing Manager,
  • Numerical Analysis Specialist,
  • Mathematician,
  • Programmer,
  • Software Support Specialist,
  • System Analyst,
  • System Programmer,
  • Actuary Specialist,
  • Cryptography Specialist,
  • Risk Analyst,
  • Credit/Investment Manager,
  • Finance Consultant,
  • Operation Research Analyst,
  • Teacher (certificate of education needed),
  • R & D Specialist,

at Finance Institutions, Communication Institutions, Computer Industry, Consultant Companies, Manufacturing Industry, Transportation Companies, Education Institutions, Banks and Insurance Companies, the Stock Market, Public Planning Department, R&D Departments of Private and Public Companies, Hospitals, Security Companies, Real Estate Companies and other companies.